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Chatham - Nauset Lodge



47 Deer meadow Lane
Chatham, MA 02633 - Map
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Saint Martins
The idea of a daylight lodge was based on the premise that this District had a defined need for a daylight lodge as many of the Brethren either would not or could not, for various reasons, attend a lodge meeting at night. Hence, the interest in the formation of this wonderful and friendly lodge.

The first step in the formation was to seek petitioners by visiting the six other lodges in the district. This resulted in the 80 plus signatures on the petition. It was then submitted to and consequently approved by the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts, and on September 16, 1996, we were instituted by the then R.W. E. Erik Erickson, District Deputy Grand Master of the former Provincetown 32nd Masonic District.

A set of by-laws was drawn-up, the Officers elected and we actually raised three Brethren as our candidates and three Brethren from Universal lodge as a courtesy to that lodge during our first year of existence. We selected Universal lodge in Orleans as our designated location, primarily because of itís centralized location and excellent facilities.

One year later, on October 11, 1997, we were constituted (Chartered) by the then presiding Grand Master, M.W. Arthur E. Johnson and distinguished Suite. It was an event that will be long remembered by those present.

Currently there are about 104 members, many of whom are Life Members as signers of the petition; many are affiliated members. And as an incentive to affiliate, any Mason attaining the age of 75 years and in good standing in another Massachusetts lodge does not have to pay any annual dues. It was not our goal to bring in new Masons, but to provide a daylight lodge for those Brethren not able to travel or not wanting to go out at night was met. However, on frequent occasion we have raised candidates over the past years. Currently we have 96 members. In October of 2007, we celebrated our tenth year of existence.

All of the Officers who have served since our beginning have been Past Masters. Because they already have their Past Master aprons and jewels, we designed a special lapel pin with a lighthouse and square and compasses with quadrant done in 14 kt. gold. This pin is presented after the Master's term has concluded.

The Lodge conducts and holds many functions to raise monies for various charities, including a scholarship fund, the Masonic Angel program and various non-denominational charities.

For the past nine years we have conducted a Table Lodge as a fund raising event and have been sold-out for the past 4 years. In addition, each Summer, two nights per week, from the Memorial day weekend to the Labor Day weekend we hold our Annual Lobster Roll and Chowder nights. This not only provides substantial monies due to it's success, but is a fun time for those Brethren participating.

We currently meet at St. Martinís Lodge on Rte. 28 in Chatham on the third Saturday each month and stay open in July and August. Our mailing address is Nauset Light Lodge, Box 298, South Dennis, MA 02660.
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